Quickly retract the panniculus for better access to the surgical site.
The most sensitive toco; especially useful for difficult to monitor patients.
The only dual balloon rapid-response tamponade solution for postpartum hemorrhage.
ROM Plus is a rapid, qualitative test to detect ruptured fetal membranes using a unique monoclonoal and polyclonal approach.
Kiwi is a complete vacuum-assisted fetal delivery system featuring our patented PalmPump® design.
The ClearView Uterine Manipulator injector is designed for complete uterine control, convenience, safety, increased efficiency and economy.
C-Snorkel is a unique device for releasing an impacted fetal head during Cesarean section deliveries.
Koala is a sensor-tipped intrauterine pressure catheter that provides more accurate readings and advanced safety features.
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traxi Panniculus Retractor

traxi quickly and effectively retracts the panniculus for better access during surgical procedures.